Rosemary MacDonald Pilates Instructor Extraordinaire

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a remarkable lady who teaches Pilates & well-being in Cheltenham, who looks and feels younger than many of us at 40 something.  She is a wonderful example of how sensible exercise and eating, coupled with a positive outlook can helps us all as we grow older.

Rosemary says-

” After 17 years of intensive study of the body I now spend my life awakening new levels of “feeling amazing” in both sexes, aged from 16 to 80+, who, like myself, were needing extra-smart exercise because they too have limited money and time to divide between exercise, a full-time career or family.

 I teach and use highly body-intelligent, life-affirming exercise that fits easily into daily life – I’ve developed Pilates to meet modern needs using clever resistance band work, trampolining, skipping, running, staircases and walking well.

 Looking good and being lean, remains important but isn’t enough when you are ambitious to live life to the full: do you really know how to give your legs, spine, arms, knees, elbows and core intelligent training that does not damage and only enhances all ranges of movement, strength and stamina?

 To be pain free, have top level sex and energy at nearly 60, I just had to find exercise which is smart. Wrong exercise is more ageing than ageing itself! ”