Bride & groom's first kiss

The happy couples’ first kiss at Islington Town Hall

The lovely shy mature couple who didn’t want a wedding photographer

At the beginning of the year, a new wedding client called me to see if I was available for a small wedding at Islington Town hall Council Chambers explaining that they were very camera shy and didn’t want any preparation shots or any pictures at the reception.  Rather, they wanted just a few of the service and to focus mainly on their guests.  In fact, they didn’t even want any bride & groom portraits after the service!  Having at first considered not having a photographer at all, they had been persuaded by close friends that they would come to regret that decision.

Before the service, the guests first congregated at The Vineyard, a pub across the road from Islington Town Hall, and I managed to persuade the client to allow me to cover this and to also put 5 mins aside for some portraits after the service.

From the outset, I knew this could well be a tough job, with both Bride and Groom being so camera shy and having only booked a couple of hours of my time.  It was going to be tough to get my quota of great shots in such a short space of time, but they were friends of a good friend and I had promised the client at least 300 images.  Happily, Islington’s Council Chambers turned out to be a wonderful location to shoot in and the wedding guests were lovely to work with.

The Chambers are stunning and a great venue to marry in. The setting is really quite grand with beautiful ornate wooden panelling, plush red leather seating and plenty of space to move around in. The lighting is soft with lots of high windows so there were very few issues with burned out highlights which is often the case at some venues. Either that it’s not enough light.

In the end, we coaxed out some beautiful and memorable shots of this shy mature couple, which felt great and they were so happy on seeing the gallery, that they asked me to design their wedding book!



“Mark was the photographer at our wedding recently. He was very professional and flexible, and took a lot of photos in a short amount of time. We didn’t have a lot of space but he worked around this. Would highly recommend – many thanks”

Alison & John McCormack
23rd May 2017


“We have just received our wedding book, it is stunning! Can’t recommend Mark’s work enough.”

Alison & John McCormack

11th August 2017