This particular wedding was situated at York House in Twickenham for both the service and the reception, though the client opted to save some money and only hired both myself and the venue till 5 pm. So as weddings go, this was quite a short one for myself and my team, with an hour or so spent shooting bridal prep shots at the bride’s parents house, followed by the normal service and then a short reception with only 20 mins left over to shoot the bride & groom portraits before everybody left.

York House is a fine 17th century building, with a fascinating history, set in beautiful grounds on the banks of the River Thames in Twickenham, with multiple rooms available for hire which are suitable for a variety of functions of various sizes. The staff are friendly and do what they can to make sure things run smoothly, though I had the feeling they were under staffed on the day we were there and were a little over stretched.

Like most official council venues of that period, they still retain their beautiful ornate period features, but like many, they are starting to look a touch tired and neglected in places and you can definitely tell it’s a council venue as it has that slight institutional feel. The natural lighting inside is excellent in most of the rooms with lots of very large south facing windows, so even on a dull overcast day like we had, your photographer shouldn’t have to many problems getting the shots you need, though you might struggle with options if it wet and you have to shoot everything indoors.

What the interior lacks in photo opportunities, the gardens certainly make for it with variety of cute quiet spots tucked out the way from the public, including 2 bridges, a super ornate fountain and of course the riverside walk. I only wish we had more time to spend with the couple, as the bride was very willing, but the groom sadly was very camera shy and after 20 mins called an end to the shoot. Though I am fairly happy with what we managed to get in the end.

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Your wedding photographs will be your lasting memory of the day, long after your flowers have faded and your dress dry cleaned and stored in your parents’ loft. They will be shown to your children, grandchildren and perhaps even your great great grandchildren, so now is not the time to be thinking about saving money and relying on Uncle Bob’s amateur photography skills or your mate who has an expensive camera and fancies themselves as a snapper.

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