This week I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful clock designed by TMB Art Metal, which was made from the piston and rod of the 1952 British Racing Motors V16 formula one engine.

The engine is owned by the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and they have had the engine rebuilt at the cost of thousands of pounds and part of this was renewing the pistons and rods.

The Museum then approached Chris Bennett at TMB Art Metal for ideas in turning these into money for the Museum – Chris suggested the desk clocks idea, as this is something TMB does and It has effectively turned the historic item into an attractive fusion of function and form.

The clock itself is specially made by watch maker Christopher Ward, who has worked with TMB before.

The piece I photographed is a sellable prototype and the plan is to eventually make 16 clocks out of the V16 engine to raise money for The National Motor Museum and they will be looking to auction this piece later on in the year.

Product photography of 1952 BRM V16 Piston Rod Clock by TBM Art Metal
1952 BRM V16 Piston Rod Clock by TBM Art Metal