Service held at St. Mary’s Church, Cadogan Street, London SW3 2QR
Reception held at St.Ermin’s Hotel, Caxtons Street, London SW1H 0QW

Well my first wedding of the year has been completed and the images have been delivered and loved by the client, so here are some of my favourites from back on a warm sunny day in March.

Congratulations to Mark & Natalie and a big thank to you both for being such wonderful clients, even though you were very nervous in front of the camera, we still managed to get some awesome shots on the day.

The wedding service was held at St. Mary’s Church, Cadogan Street, Chelsea, which is a wonderful church to shoot in. Plenty of natural light and space and the Father was very accommodating, letting both me and my assistant freely move around during the service to get all the shots we needed.

The reception held at St.Ermin’s Hotel, Caxtons Street, St.James and is a beautiful Victorian hotel in the heart of London. Though a wonderfully elegant and ornate hotel and great place to hold a wedding, it is still a very difficult venue to shoot in. There is very little natural light ,but plenty of mixed lighting, tungsten spots and fluorescent down lighters,  which always cause a lot of problem with the colour balancing.

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