With Paul Boross & Neil Mullarky

This week I had the pleasure of shooting the irrefutable Paul Boross of “The Pitch Doctor” fame and the very humorous Neil Mullarkey, star of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” & “Qi”, both two of Europe’s top business communication experts and motivational speakers.

They came together for a short showcase of their unique and very entertaining presentations, which demonstrates why comedy is key to consummate corporate communication and also to highlight the iconic Comedy Store as a venue for future business conferences and training events.

Paul aka “The Pitch Doctor”, specialises in the art & science of corporate communication and is one of the UK’s top motivational psychologists and in demand keynote speaker. While Neil, an author and actor is also a unique communications expert, who has travelled around the world bringing the skills of theatre and improv to public and private sector organisations.

It was a very entertaining hour where I not only captured some great images of the two performing, but I also managed to come away with a whole load of new and awesome communication skills, which should help me immensely in my line of business.

So, if you ever get the chance to see either of them perform, or even book them for a corporate event, don’t miss the chance.

Thank you Paul & Neil.

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